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Dataworld Computer Center has been providing quality computer products and services to the leading business, government, and educational  institutions in Northern Mindanao (Region X) since 1983. Being the first vendor in the region to effectively provide its clients with a complete range of information technology solutions, we offer a wide range of quality computing products that provide appropriate and affordable solutions that addresses our clients computing needs. From personal desktops, our products also include servers, software, printers, networking equipment and solutions, and a complete range of computer supplies and peripherals.

Our mission is to be the best IT supplier that identifies, set trends and directions in the industry by continuously improving, upgrading and maintaining high quality products while building up expertise in effective technological solutions.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction first right solutions and right hardware at the right price delivered at quickest possible time.




Open communication with our clients conducts regular consultations regarding client’s feedback, suggestions to make our service responsive to their needs.



A family that works together, stays together we run the business with the guiding principles of a family. Work together and play together. Thus, we are proud of our relationship with our employees, creating an environment fostering harmony, teamwork, motivation and productivity.