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HP ProLiant ML350 G6 Server Series

The HP ProLiant ML350 G6 is the best price performance DP Tower server that delivers excellence with performance, expandability and availability. It's a new generation server with more memory capacity and more HDD expandability

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Standard Features

NOTE: For the Standard Features shipped in the "Factory Integrated Models", please see the "Configuration Information - Factory Integrated Models" section.
One of the following depending on Model
Six-Core Processors
Intel® Xeon® X5675 (3.06GHz/6-core/12MB/95W, DDR3-1333, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2/3/3) Processor
Intel® Xeon® X5670 (2.93GHz/6-core/12MB/95W, DDR3-1333, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2/3/3) Processor
Intel® Xeon® X5660 (2.80GHz/6-core/12MB/95W, DDR3-1333, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2/3/3) Processor
Intel® Xeon® X5650 (2.66GHz/6-core/12MB/95W, DDR3-1333, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2/3/3) Processor
Intel® Xeon® E5649 (2.53GHz/6-core/12MB/80W, DDR3-1333, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2/3/3) Processor
Intel® Xeon® E5645 (2.40GHz/6-core/12MB/80W,DDR3-1333, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2/3/3) Processor
Quad-Core Processors
Intel® Xeon® X5672 (3.20GHz/4-core/12MB/95W,DDR3-1333, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2/3/3) Processor
Intel® Xeon® E5620 (2.40GHz/4-core/12MB/80W, DDR3-1066, HT, Turbo) Processor
Intel® Xeon® E5603 (1.60GHz/4-core/4MB/80W) Processor
Intel® Xeon® X5570 (2.93GHz/4-core/8MB/95W, DDR3-1333, HT, Turbo 2/2/3/3) Processor
Intel® Xeon® X5560 (2.80GHz/4-core/8MB/95W, DDR3-1333, HT, Turbo 2/2/3/3) Processor
Intel® Xeon® X5550 (2.66GHz/4-core/8MB/95W, DDR3-1333, HT, Turbo 2/2/3/3) Processor
Intel® Xeon® E5540 (2.53GHz/4-core/8MB/80W, DDR3-1066, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2) Processor
Intel® Xeon® E5607 (2.26GHz/4-core/8MB/80W, DDR3-1333, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2/3/3) Processor
Intel® Xeon® L5630 (2.13GHz/4-core/12MB/40W, DDR3-1066, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2) Processor
Intel® Xeon® L5520 (2.26GHz/4-core/8MB/60W, DDR3-1066, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2) Processor
Intel® Xeon® L5506 (2.13GHz/4-core/4MB/60W, DDR3-800) Processor
Intel® Xeon® E5606 (2.13 GHz/4-core/8MB/80W,DDR3-1066, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2/3/3) Processor
Dual-Core Processors
Intel® Xeon® E5502 (1.86GHz/2-core/4MB/80W, DDR3-800) Processor
NOTE: HT indicates that the processor model supports Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology.
NOTE: Turbo indicates the maximum potential frequency increment when using Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, with 4, 3, 2, and 1 cores active.
NOTE: DDR3 speed is the maximum memory speed of the processor. Actual memory speed may depend on the quantity and type of DIMMs installed.
NOTE: For the Intel 5600 and 5500 Series, the letter preceding the model number indicates the performance/wattage of the processor. "X" denotes High Performance/Wattage; "E" denotes Enterprise Performance/Wattage (Mainstream); and "L" denotes Lower Wattage.
NOTE: Customers transitioning from 5500 series processors to 5600 series processors must include a third fan along with the two fans present on the server

Cache Memory
One of the following depending on Model
12MB (1 x 12MB) Level 3 cache
NOTE: For 5600 series processors (other than those indicated below)
8MB (1 x 8MB) Level 3 cache 
NOTE: For E5606/E5607/X5570/X5560/X5550/E5540/L5520 processors
4MB (1 x 4MB) Level 3 cache 
NOTE: For E5603/E5507/E5502/L5506 processors

Chipset Intel® 5520 Chipset
NOTE: For more information regarding Intel® chipsets, please see the following URL:

Upgradeability Upgradeable to two processors
NOTE: total 4, 8 or 12 cores

Memory Protection Advanced ECC
Mirroring mode
Lock-step mode
Online Spare (Requires X5600 or E5600 processor family)

One of the following depending on model
Type DDR3 Registered (RDIMM) or Unbuffered (UDIMM)
Standard (Performance Models) 12 GB (6 x 2 GB) RDIMM
Standard (Base Models) 6 GB (3 x 2 GB) RDIMM
Standard (Entry Models) 4 GB (2 x 2 GB) RDIMM
Standard (Entry Models) 4 GB (1 x 4 GB) RDIMM
Maximum (RDIMM) 288 GB (18 x 16 GB) RDIMM
Maximum (UDIMM) 48 GB (12 x 4 GB)
NOTE: Depending on the memory configuration and processor model, the memory speed may run at 1333MHz, 1066MHz, or 800MHz. Please see the Online Memory Configuration Tool
NOTE: The 16 GB memory module is a quad ranked 800MHz DDR3 memory.

Network Controller Embedded NC326i PCI Express Dual Port Gigabit Server Adapter

Expansion Slots  
Slot #
Technology Bus Width Connector Width Bus Number Form Factor Notes
6 PCI Express Gen2 x4 x8 5 Standard Height/Length  
5 PCI Express Gen2 x4 x8 8 Standard Height/Length  
4 PCI Express Gen2 x8 x16 11 Standard Height/Length  
3 PCI Express Gen2 x8 x8 14 Standard Height/Length  
2 PCI Express Gen2 x4 x8 17 Standard Height/Length  
1 PCI Express Gen2 x4 x8 20 Standard Height/Length  
NOTE: Bus number - Default bus assignment (in decimal). Inserting cards with PCI bridges may alter the actual bus assignment number
** Indicates the number of physical electrical lanes running to the connector.
NOTE: Six total expansion slots. One PCI-Express x16 Gen2 (x8 speed); One PCI-Express x8 Gen2 (x8 speed); Four PCI-Express x8 Gen2 (x4 speed). Optional PCI-X Expander provides additional two 64-bit/100-MHz PCI-X slots by using a single PCI Express slot.

Storage Controller
One of the following depending on model
Entry Models Embedded HP Smart Array P410i/Zero Memory Controller (RAID 0/1/1+0)
Base Models Embedded HP Smart Array P410i/256MB Controller (RAID 0/1/1+0/5/5+0)
Embedded HP Smart Array P410i/512 MB BBWC Controller (RAID 0/1/1+0/5/5+0)
Performance Models Embedded HP Smart Array P410i/1GB FBWC Controller
Available upgrades: 256MB, 512MB with BBWC, Battery kit upgrade (for BBWC), and Smart Array Advanced Pack (SAAP)

Internal Storage Devices Diskette Drive None included standard (not supported)
Optical Drives HP Half-Height SATA DVD-ROM Optical Drive
Hard Drives None standard

Maximum Internal Storage
One of the following depending on model
Hot Plug LFF SAS 24TB 8 x 3TB
Hot Plug LFF SATA 24TB 8 x 3TB
Hot Plug SFF SAS 16TB 16 x 1TB
Hot Plug SFF SATA 16TB 16 x 1TB
Hot Plug SFF SSD 6.4TB 16 x 400GB

Interfaces Serial 1
Network RJ-45 3 (1 dedicated for HP Integrated Lights-Out 2 (iLO2)
Keyboard 1
Pointing Device (Mouse) 1
Graphics 1
SD slot 1 (internal)
USB 2.0 Ports 6 (2 front, 2 rear, 2 internal)

Industry Standard Compliance

ACPI V2.0 Compliant 
PCI-Express Gen2 
PXE Support 
WOL Support 
PCI-X 1.0a Compliant 
Novell Certified 
Microsoft® Logo certifications 
USB 2.0 Support 
SMBIOS 2.6.1

Server Power Cords ProLiant ML servers in a rack-mount configuration no longer ship standard with NEMA power cords that allow connection to 110V US wall outlets in a home or office. These servers are primarily connected to PDU's in data center racks so they now ship standard with only a PDU power cord (416151-B21). If a user wishes to power a ProLiant ML rack-mount server using a 110V receptacle (NEMA-15), the NEMA power cord must be ordered separately. The 12' cord (AF556A) or 6' cord (187335-001) can be purchased online at HP.COM. In a tower configuration, the servers ship standard with a 6' country specific NEMA power cord. If customers require a local power cord, they can check the power cord matrix for the appropriate country specific sku. Please see the following power cord matrix:

Power Supply
One of the following depending on Model
HP 750W CS HE Gold Power Supply (standard on some models) 
HP 460W CS HE Gold Power Supply (standard on some models)

Common Slot Power Supplies

HP has a new design for ProLiant power- the new Common Slot Power Supply bay. This design provides the customer with commonality in power supplies across multiple platforms to save on the cost of spares and allows HP to offer multiple power solutions to fit the customers' needs. Many HP ProLiant Servers come with Common Slot, High Efficiency and Right-Size Power Supplies. The new HP Common Slot power supplies are designed for the highest power efficiency without degrading performance of the ProLiant server. Power Supplies have efficiency ratings up to 92%. There are three Right Size power options available depending on the configuration of your server. To make sure you select the correct power supply to meet your configuration, please use the HP Power Advisor at: All HP Common Slot power sources are UL, CE Mark Compliant, Hot Plug and Redundant.

It is highly recommended that you use the HP Power Advisor in defining the "Right-Size" power supply for your needs. 

The HP ProLiant Common Slot Power supplies meet multiple Energy Efficiency Initiatives: Climate Savers Computing Initiative GOLD and ECOS Consulting 80PLUS GOLD for the 460w and 750w Power Supplies and Climate Savers Computing Initiative Silver, ECOS Consulting 80PLUS Silver for 1200w Power Supply. HP has also been working with the EPA on developing an ENERGY STAR? Computer Server specification and plans on offering models that meet the requirements when they are published. Please visit the ENERGY STAR website at for updates on the specification development process and approved platforms.
The HP Power Advisor is located at:

System Fans

3 system fans ship standard
NOTE: Does not include power supply or processor heat sink fans.
N+1 fan redundancy optional with redundant fan kit

Required Cabling

For required cabling information, refer to the HP ProLiant ML350 G6 cabling matrix at:
NOTE: Please see the "Storage" section of this QuickSpecs for important information on controllers and cables required to support SAS or SATA hard drives as well as storage management software available for SATA hard drives.

Operating Systems and Virtualization Software Support for ProLiant Servers

Microsoft Windows Server
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)
NOTE: NetWare support on Intel Xeon 5500 family only. 
HP Citrix Essentials for XenServer

NOTE: For more information on HP's Certified and Supported ProLiant Servers for OS and Virtualization Software and latest listing of software drivers available for your server, please visit our Support Matrix at:


Integrated ATI RN50, 64MB video standard

  • 16 bit color: maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200
  • 32 bit color: maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024

NOTE: Maximum resolution available via iLO remote console is 1280 x 1024.

Form Factor

Tower or Rack (5U)

NOTE: Rack models (with a Tower to Rack conversion kit) support:

  • Square or round hole racks 24"- 36" deep, including HP Rack System /E and HP Systems
  • Telco racks with 3rd part option kit from Rack Solutions

HP Insight Management Control Software HP Insight Foundation

Managing the growing number of servers can be complex and expensive for your organization. IT managers need to address changing business needs with tools that meet the challenges of managing today's complex Datacenters. 

HP provides management solutions that are designed to simplify a server's installation, configuration and maintenance throughout the entire server lifecycle. This provides the customer with higher levels of operational efficiency and highly reliable systems:

The foundation pack includes:

  • HP SmartStart
  • HP Management DVD
  • HP ProLiant Smart Update Firmware DVD

NOTE: In an effort to support reducing our environmental impact, the HP Insight Foundation Suite for ProLiant media will be available as a selectable option for this server at time of order of a CTO SKU. This will allow customers to order the number of media kits that best meet their needs and eliminate receiving unnecessary duplicate media.

HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO)

HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) simplifies server setup, health monitoring, power and thermal control, and lights-out remote administration of ProLiant ML, DL, and BL servers. HP iLO functions without additional software and can be accessed from any location via a web browser. HP iLO works hand-in-hand with HP Systems Insight Manager, Insight Control suites, and Insight Dynamics for ProLiant, helping customers unleash the value of the ProLiant platform and deliver the highest possible quality of IT service. For more information, visit:

Intelligent Manageability

HP Systems Insight Manager
Redundant ROM
System Firmware Update
ProLiant RBSU (ROM-Based Setup Utility)
Automatic Server Recovery-2 (ASR-2)
Dynamic Sector Repairing (with Smart Array Controller)
Drive Parameter Tracking (with Smart Array Controller)
Pre-Failure Warranty (covers processors, memory, and SAS hard drives)

Security Power-on password 
Setup password 
Serial interface control 
Disk configuration lock 
Power switch security

Warranty This product is covered by a global limited warranty and supported by HP Services and a worldwide network of HP Authorized Channel Partners resellers. Hardware diagnostic support and repair is available for three years from date of purchase. Support for software and initial setup is available for 90 days from date of purchase. Enhancements to warranty services are available through HP Care Pack services or customized service agreements. Hard drives have either a one year or three year warranty; refer to the specific hard drive QuickSpecs for details.
NOTE: Server Warranty includes 3-Year Parts, 3-Year Labor, 3-Year Onsite support with next business day response. Warranty repairs may be accomplished through the use of Customer Self Repair (CSR) parts. These parts fall into two categories: 1) Mandatory CSR parts are designed for easy replacement. A travel and labor charge will result when customers decline to replace a Mandatory CSR part; 2) Optional CSR parts are also designed for easy replacement but may involve added complexity. Customers may choose to have HP replace Optional CSR parts at no charge.