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IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library

IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library
  • Allows quick access to active data on "virtual volumes" on disk and reduces overall solution cost storing inactive data on "volumes" on tape
  • Optimizes data read and write to tape
  • Supports tape automation in a System z environment

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TS3500 Tape Library at a glance
Frame definition L23—base frame for TS1140, TS1130, TS1120 or 3592
D23—drive-capable and storage expansion frame for TS1140, TS1130, TS1120 or 3592, S24—storage-only expansion frame for 3592 cartridges
L53—base frame for LTO, D53—drive-capable and storage expansion frame for LTO, S54—storage-only expansion frame for LTO cartridges
HA1—high availability service bay frame for use with the dual-accessor feature
SC1—library strings shuttle connector
Library shuttle connector IBM System Storage Tape Library Connector Model SC1
Tape drive types TS1140, TS1130, TS1120 or 3592 Tape Drives or IBM LTO Ultrium 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 Tape Drives
Number of frames per library One base frame, up to 15 expansion frames
The TS3500 Model HA1 installation provides one of the two additional frames required as service bays in a dual-accessor library
Number of libraries per complex Up to 15 libraries
Number of drives Up to 12 per frame
Up to 192 per library string
Up to 2,700 per library complex
Number of tape cartridges L23—up to 260; D23—up to 400; S24—up to 1,000
Total supported per library: 15,000
Total supported per complex: 225000
L53—up to 287; D53—up to 440; S54—up to 1,320
Total supported per library: 20,000
Total supported per complex: 300,000
Number of I/O slots Up to 224 per library (16 I/O slots standard)
Up to 3,360 per complex
Number of logical libraries Maximum of 192 per library (up to number of drives installed)
Maximum of 2,700 per complex
Number of 3953 systems Maximum of four per TS3500 subsystem
Number of TS7700 virtualization engines Maximum of eight per TS3500 subsystem
Number of tape controllers for System z Maximum of 16 per TS3500 logical library
Capacity** LTO Ultrium 5 cartridges: up to 30 PB per library (up to 60 PB with 2:1 compression), up to 900 PB per complex when compressed 3592 advanced cartridges: up to 60 PB per library (180 PB with 3:1 compression), up to 2.7 EB per complex when compressed
Media type L23/D23/S24: IBM 3592 JA/JJ/JB/JC and JW/JR/JX/JY
(WORM) cartridges
L53/D53/S54: LTO Ultrium 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 cartridges
Dimensions (all frames) 70.9 in. H × 30.8 in. W × 47.7 in. D (1,800 mm × 782 mm × 1,212 mm)
Maximum weight L23—1,079 lbs (490 kg); D23—994 lbs (451 kg), S24—1,160 lbs (526 kg)
L53—1,061 lbs (481 kg); D53—970 lbs (440 kg), S54—1,240 lbs (563 kg)
Warranty One year limited warranty, on-site service, same day 24×7, service upgrades available
Operating environment
Temperature 16° to 32°C (61° to 90°F)
Relative humidity 20% to 80% (noncondensing)
Wet bulb maximum 23.0°C (73.4°F)
Electrical power 8.0 A at 200 - 240 V ac; 1.6 kVA
Attachment and systems support The TS3500 Tape Library can attach to IBM Power Systems™, IBM System p®, IBM System i®, IBM System x® servers and non-IBM servers and workstations.
Attach to System z can be made via the 3953 Tape System, the Virtualization Engine TS7740, or the System Storage Tape Controller for System z
Operating systems support Device driver support is available for IBM AIX®; IBM OS/400®; IBM i, IBM z/OS®; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows Server 2008; Linux; Sun Solaris; and HP-UX